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Eyelash Extensions


Treat yourself to beautiful lashes with Jana Sopiakova, Certified Lash Extension Artist & Licensed Esthetician

1. CLASSIC LASHES – Simple, beautiful, natural looking lash extensions applied on a 1:1 ratio of one extension to one natural lash yielding natural, youthful looking lashes.

Classic New Set (3-hour visit) $199  Classic Lash Fill (1.5-hour visit)$85

2. VOLUME LASHES – Dramatic, lush, fan-shaped lash extensions applied to each natural lash for Hollywood style glamour.

Volume New Set (3-4-hour visit)$275  Volume Lash Fill- (1.5-hour visit)$125

3. HYBRID LASHES – Wispy, natural looking lash extensions with a little added drama to frame the eyes. A blend of Classic and Volume Lashes for an elegant yet trendy looking statement.

Hybrid New Set (3-hour visit)$225  Hybrid Lash Fill (1.5-hour visit)$100

4. MEN’S LASHES – Beyond natural looking lash extensions that are perfect for men who desire a lash boost that can fly under the radar.

Men’s New Set (3-hour visit) $199  Men’s Lash Fill (1.5-hour visit)$85

5. PROFESSIONAL LASH BATH – Gentle removal of oil and makeup debris from lash line and lash extensions for optimal eye and lash health.

Lash Bath (10-minute visit) $10

6. PROFESSIONAL LASH REMOVAL – Gentle removal of lash extensions to preserve the health and integrity of eyelids and natural lashes.

Lash Removal (30-minute visit)$45

7. LASH TEST (FOR SENSITIVITY) – Do you have sensitive eyes or skin allergies and wonder if you’re a good candidate for lash extensions? Test out 5 lash extensions on each eye with this low risk, low cost option. If you develop a reaction after our Lash Test, we’ll remove your lash extensions for free!

Lash Test (30-minute visit)$40

PLEASE NOTE: Clients arriving for lash fill appointments with less than 30% of lash extensions remaining will be charged for a new set.

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