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What People Say

"About a year ago, shortly after I turned 40, I finally started thinking about Botox.  I have never done anything particularly ambitious or aggressive when it comes to skin care.  Over time, something began to happen, I started noticing deeper lines in my forehead, more crows feet around the eyes and for the first time ever I felt like I looked old, however, I didn’t feel old. Having never done Botox before my real hesitation wasn’t actually getting the Botox but finding someone who was highly qualified to perform the injections. I didn’t want to look like one of those cast members from The Real Housewives, reality show.  After days of research, and visiting a million local web pages. I discovered Linda Goforth and Staff at the Aesthetic Center of Sarasota. With every amazing review I read, I got more and more excited to lose my virginity to Botox. Like a new Groupie, I booked my first appointment.  Arriving at her beautiful office in downtown Sarasota, Linda was everything  I hoped that she’d be and none of the things I feared.  She was beautiful, cheerful, smart, and inquisitive. She spent over 30 minutes observing my face and making the best recommendations based upon her knowledge and expertise. After a quick face cleaning, a few pencils marks, and Mr. Buzzy the injections were done.  After sweating the process for so many years, I can’t believe how easy and painless it was.  No bleeding, no bruising and zero discomfort.  At this time Linda set an appointment two weeks out so we could review the results together and tweak the recipe if necessary. During these two weeks, I felt like it was Christmas in July (actually June) as Botox leaves you a little present every morning.  I woke every morning and couldn’t wait to look into the mirror and discover what magical tweaks it created overnight. At my two week visit, I ended up looking exactly as I hoped I would. What I didn’t expect was a much-welcomed side effect, that the expertly placed injections created an overall illusion that my whole face was lifted. At this time my only regret is why the heck did I wait so long to do it. If you are looking for an amazing team I would absolutely look no further.  This Team is hands down the best and they not only met my expectations but they exceeded them.  Thank you, Linda and Team!"

Gina C.

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